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Primordial Qi-Gong?

"About 800 years ago Chang San Feng founded the original Tai Chi Chuan 13-movement form for self defence. He also created a second short form that applied Tai Chi for enlightenment rather than self defence.

This - for generations - secret, easy to learn Tai Chi for Enlightenment form known as WuJi QiGong or Primordial Chi Kung is designed to capture the 'subtle breath' or chi ('qi') flow of Heaven and Earth, and fuse it into the human body.

Gathering chi inward to the core of our being, in graceful, beautiful effortless spirals. WuJi QiGong, gradually dissolves all the physical and karmic layers of tension in both your physical body and your energy body.

During this retreat you will effortlessly learn Wuji Qigong / Primordial Chi Kung and enjoy Earth Star Rooting, making a deep personal connection with the Earth and Polaris the North Star

5 Element / 7 Directional Toning, 7 tones that vibrate in the organs and connect out into the 7 directions south west north east above below and the place where they all meet deep in our core. We use these tones to honour and align with the forces of the directions. They are very powerful done silently and evolve into a very useful simple centering ceremony.

This is a fabulous training that leaves you, harmonious full of chi, with priceless tools for your continuing evolution. "

Barry Spendlove

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