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Wudang Five Animals
Qi Gong

Qi Gong (pronounced Chee Kung) is an ancient Chinese art designed to promote health and longevity. This particular Qi Gong set originated in Wudang mountain, China, the birthplace of Daoism. It was designed to restore health and increase vitality for the Daoist monks residing there.

Daoist monks were famed for their health and longevity, which was the result of this Qi Gong Set.

This Qi Gong set is a dynamic form, requiring some physical fitness and suppleness to perform correctly. It strongly stimulates the Yin internal organs.

Firstly the Kidneys, through the Dragon exercise, then the Lungs through the next animal, the Tiger, followed by the Liver stimulated by the Leopard, then the Spleen which is stimulated through the Snake form, finally the Bird form stimulates the heart.

This order is the order of importance of the Yin organs in producing and conserving Qi/life energy.

This Qi Gong set, done properly and regularly (at least once per day) returns the body to optimum health by stimulating all of the internal organs and removing blockages to increase energy flow.

We will learn one animal per day during the retreat, and incorporate each one into the routine after we learn it. Day Six and Seven will be practice and corrections to perfect the form.

Shaolin 8 Silk Brocades

The Shaolin 8 Silk Brocades were developed in the Shaolin temple in ancient China to increase the health and strength of the monks who lived there.

These exercises were so effective; Shaolin monks became famed throughout China for their power.

Each of the 8 silk brocade exercises are designed to increase the energy and blood flow in a person’s body and to strengthen tendons and ligaments.

This set if performed daily will increase the amount of energy available to you and improve health.

The 8 Silk Brocades are slightly less dynamic than the Wudang five animal set, and require less flexibility.

During the retreat we will learn one Brocade per day except for the last day when we learn the last two together.

Shaolin Cosmos Qi Gong

Shaolin Cosmos Qi Gong was developed by ShiFu Wong Kiew Kit, a world Qi Gong Master of the Year.

He developed it from the Shaolin 8 silk brocades, making his set more accessible and easier to perform for those that are not as physically fit.

“Smiling from the heart”, relaxing and directing energy around your body with your mind are the most important aspects of this 10 set Qi Gong.

It is designed to increase your Qi/life energy as gently and with as little strain as possible. As this set is developed from the Shaolin 8 Silk Brocades many of the exercises are similar or identical to each other.

This set will be taught to those that wish for as gentle a Qi Gong set as possible.

2 exercises will be taught per day, except for the last two days, which will be spent perfecting the form and practicing.


The mind is very powerful.

Your mind is the main influence of your experience of reality.

Meditation trains the mind, as it is the mind which allows you to perceive and to some extent alter your own reality.

Training the mind through meditation allows you to develop latent abilities and to some extent influence and direct the events that occur in your life.

This retreat we will be focusing first on clearing the mind of extraneous random thoughts, as if the mind is not focused it cannot be effectively used.

We will then start training the mind to focus on just one thing at a time. We will start with the breath as a focal point.

During this retreat we will also develop our ability to sense energy, both our own and other peoples.

Finally we will train the mind to direct energy around our body, alter our bodily functions and improve our health.

Shi XingTam

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Meditation that puts the body in a state of deep rest known as the relaxation response, is capable of changing how genes behave in response to stress

Qi-Gong video clips

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