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Qi-Gong - energy skill - has evolved over thousands of years in China.
These exercises stimulate not only the energy of the body but also the Qi flow throughout the body.
Qi-Gong training is highly meditative involving specific breathing skills, body manipulation & focus.

ShaoLin QiGong training will focus on the following:

Introduction to ShaoLin QiGong

• What is Qi?
• What are the three treasures (Tien, Di, Ren)?
• Why practise ShaoLin QiGong?

ShaoLin BaDuanJinShaoLin 8 Silk Brocades training

• Teaching & practice of the ShaoLin BaDuanJin (as taught in ShaoLin Temple)

• Stimulation of SanJiao:
- upper Jiao: heart & lung function
- middle Jiao: spleen & stomach function
- lower Jiao: kidney & urinary bladder function

• Stimulation of the flow of Qi throughout the ZangFu (organs: Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys, Pericardium, Small intestine, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Large Intestine, Urinary Bladder & SanJiao) & the JingLuo (acupuncture channels & collaterals).

Liu Zi Jue - 6 Sounds Qi Gong

WuDang 5 Animals Qi Gong

As the ancient Chinese Proverb says,

”Qi is the commander of Blood, Where Qi goes the Blood must follow.
Blood is the mother of Qi. Where Qi is, Blood is already there.”

“The Qi-Gong energy healing method has an unbroken clinical record of over 6000 years in Chinese Medicine.
The vast population of China has used this healing method extensively in the past & continues to do so today.

This ancient Chinese healing art is based on the premise that the “medicines” one takes are only ‘stimuli’ which on entering the blood stream trigger chemical reactions boosting the WaiQi - defensive energy - of our immune system.

Subsequently the rate of metabolism increases many fold to counter & repair the illness or affliction which has unbalanced our Ying Yang life force. Eventually our bodies & minds can be stimulated until a ‘healthy’ balance has been regained.

How to stimulate & direct one’s Qi energy to trigger the Master glands to release more hormones & to boost one’s metabolism is therefore the main subject of ShaoLin Qi-Gong training.”

ShiFu Shi DeLon
Phd research fellow, ShangDong University
31st generation ShaoLin Laymonk
12th generation ChenJiaGou TaiChiQuan

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ShaoLin BaDuanJin - ShaoLin Eight Silk Brocades

Liu Zi Jue - 6 Sounds Qi Gong

WuDang 5 Animals Qi Gong

Meditation that puts the body in a state of deep rest known as the relaxation response, is capable of changing how genes behave in response to stress

Qi-Gong video clips

Qi Gong notes
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