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Combined ShaoLin Qi-Gong & Acupuncture treatments

This potent treatment combines two ancient and well established Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) modalities - Acupuncture and ShaoLin Qi-Gong therapy.

Why combine therapies?

The practice of combining different TCM therapies is not unusual and the combination of acupuncture with herbal medicine, or massage (tuina) is commonplace. The different therapeutic modalities have different strengths and by combining them the overall stimulus to the recipient's energy flow is increased.

Acupuncture uses a combination of rational (questioning and observation) and sensory techniques (pulse and tongue inspection) to make a diagnosis and then needles are used to remove blockages in an individual's body and regulate their energetic balance.

ShaoLin Qi-Gong therapy uses kinaesthetic sensory scanning techniques to identify blockages or weaknesses in an individual and then treats this by injecting controlled amounts of energy (wai qi emission) from the therapist via acupoints into their body to energise them and remove blockages.

Why combine Acupuncture with ShaoLin Qi-Gong therapy?

The acupuncturist is manipulating the patients own energy (although there is some energetic exchange between them). If weaknesses are marked or blockages deeply embedded it may require a lot of acupuncture to resolve some problems if at all.

The ShaoLin Qi-Gong therapist by charging up their own body like a battery and then emitting wai qi into the patient can strongly energise a weakened body and flush energy through the channels to clear stubborn blockages.

If acupuncture is used to open the bodies energy systems and the needles used to focus and concentrate the emission of healing wai qi into them, then the potency of both treatments will be greatly enhanced reducing the amount of treatment required.

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