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Big Heaven Little Heaven promotes the practice of Qi-Gong as a form of health maintenance & disease prevention.

Through regular classes, workshops & retreats, Big Heaven Little Heaven gives everyone a chance to experience & utilise this powerful ancient Chinese energy system.

Qi-Gong - energy skill – practiced daily has numerous health benefits.

If one’s Qi is abundant & flows freely, then one’s body & mind will reflect this.

Originating in China with a history of many thousands of years Qi-Gong is now practiced world-wide.

Scientists, researchers, Qi-Gong teachers & practitioners are establishing Qi-Gong as a modern medical science through World Congresses on Qi-Gong under the auspices of the World Qi-Gong Federation (est in 1997).

NEW ON-LINE QiGong Meditations - 2017

NEW ON-LINE TAI CHI & QI GONG Classes - 2017

Glastonbury WINTER QI GONG Retreat - Dec 1st - 3rd December 2017

Online LIVE Meditations 2017
Online LIVE Meditations 2017

The Lucid Light Experience London
The Lucid Light Experience
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