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LiuZiJue Qi-Gong?

LiuZiJue is a very old form of QiGong which appeared in traditional Chinese medical literature written by Tao Hongjing, a prominent figure of the Maoshan School of Daoism (Southern and Northern Dynasties 420 - 589).

This 6 sound Qi Gong form was extolled by Tao Hongjing in his treatise "Caring for the Health of the Mind and Prolonging the Life Span".

"One has only one way for inhalation, but six for exhalation - chui, hu, xi, he, xu and si.

Chui gets rid of heat, Hu sweeps away wind, Xi eliminates worries, He promotes the circulation of energy, Xu drives away cold and Si reduces stress.

Those with heart disease should practice Chui, and Hu to drive away cold and heat.

Those with lung disease should practice Xu, to relieve swelling.

Those who have spleen trouble should practice Xi to eliminate stress.

As for those who suffer from a liver disease, He will cure it."

Chinese Health QiGong Association

Sound - article on healing and sound by International Sound Healer Yantara Jiro

5 elements Qi Gong theory - the basis of LiuZiJue

Qi energy flows everywhere.

TCM aims to stimulate & enhance the Qi that flows in the human body.

One can divide TCM into 4 branches: Acupuncture , Herbal Medicine, TuiNa & Qi-Gong

All of these methods stimulate the flow of Qi.

If one's Qi flows freely & is abundant then the body will be healthy.

The 5 element theory in TCM symbolises the inter-relationship of the Qi - energy - of the various organs

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Movement & Sound for Wood Element (Liver & Gall Bladder)

Movement & Sound for Fire Element (Heart & Small Intestine)

Movement & Sound for Earth Element (Spleen & Stomach)

Movement & Sound for Metal Element (Lungs & Large Intestine)

Movement & Sound for Water Element (Kidneys & Bladder)

Movement & Sound for SanJiao (Pericardium & SanJiao)

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